The University of Health Sciences Lahore is the leading public-sector medical university in Pakistan that is affiliated with almost all the undergraduate and postgraduate dental institutes across the Punjab province. The University is hosting its first international dental conference that has more than 15 sub-themes covering all faculties of clinical and basic dental research. Almost all the Dental Colleges in Punjab are Co-Organizers for this mega-event of Dentistry.
Each abstract submitter can only submit ONE abstract, no more than 300 words, as presenting author and can only participate in only one competition.
The name of all the authors and co-authors must be mentioned on the abstract, no more than 300 words, and maximum number of authors is six.
The poster will remain on display on the days of the conference and poster presentation will only have maximum of four authors.
All the participants must be registered for the conference for entering into the competition and there should be maximum three participants.
This competition is open for undergraduate and postgraduate students, house officers and demonstrators who should present an innovative model, project.
Listed below keynote speakers will grace 1st UHS International Dental Conference with their presence.
Register for the Conference
Those participants only registering for conference and no presenting donot need to submit abstract.
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About Lahore
There is an ancient Punjabi adage, "One who hasn't seen Lahore, hasn't been born!" Lahore is a Municipal city, has been the capital of Punjab for nearly a thousand years, and the administrative head-quarters of a Division and District of the same name. It is situated one mile to the south of the river Ravi, and some 23 miles from the eastern border of the district. The city is built in the form of a parallelogram, the area within the walls, exclusive of the citadel, being about 461 acres. It stands on the alluvial plain traversed by the river Ravi.