Clinics Competition

Below mentioned are the prime guidelines for Clinics Competition:
  • This competition is open for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, house officers and demonstrators.   
  • All the participants must be registered for the conference for entering into the competition 
  • Only participants registered in the conference can apply for this competition 
  • The table clinic can be a innovative model, project , model made by the students or any novel practical demonstration 

General Information

Participants should either mention in email or upload a word document stating the following information: 

  • Name of the participants, affiliation of the participants, their dental college, if they are under graduate, post graduate, house officer or demonstrators. 
  • Please give valid email IDs and Phone numbers of all the participants 
  • They should mention any proposed “title” of their creation in the email or on the separate word document. 
  • Please mention “ Participation in Table Competition” as a subject of that email
  • If there is any special requirement for the table clinic or model, please email your query on well in time and mention in subject “ participation in table clinic competition”  
  • Please mention in your email subject as “participation in table clinic competition ”
  • There should be maximum of FOUR participants for ONE table clinic competition
  • The participants will be given one standard (2x4 feet) table. and 2 chairs 
  • The participants need to bring their own electric extension if required for any demonstrations