Guideline for All Speakers & Session Moderator

1st UHS International Dental Conference

Main Convention Halls, Expo Center Lahore, Pakistan




It is requested that all presenters including Faculty Members, Postgraduate Students and Undergraduate students, please read and follow these instructions. We have almost many Oral and Poster Presentations which will be presented on 4th and 5th October 2019, To avoid any delay in time, we have to work together.

A.IT Support Center

The IT support area is intended to support all speakers, presenters, session secretaries and workshop facilitators. It is located on the Main convention hall and also on in hall 02.  

B. SPECS OF SMD in Main convention Hall

                                      40 feet length and 14 feet height

                                     Resolution is 1920x 1080  (full HD resolution)

c. SPECS of Screen in Hall 02

                                                         Normal and standard


  • All Key Note/Invited speakers, and Oral presenters must upload their presentation via email before 2nd October 2019 at
  • Please do make sure to bring your presentation in a USB and also keep a online backup
  • Please check in at the Speaker Centre at least four hours before the start of your sessions. On-site staff will assist presenters to preview their presentations to ensure that they display well on the session room screens.
  • The presentations will then be uploaded to the session room network and made available in the session room at the time of the presentation.

    Session Moderators are required to collect their final session schedule and instructions.


1-PowerPoint Presentation Upload for Oral presentations

All PowerPoint presentations must be uploaded prior to the conference. Or at least 04 hours before their talk


Check-in at the IT Support area is necessary for all speakers. Presenters who upload their presentations online must also check-in at the Speaker Centre. Please make sure that you have your presentation in a USB or any other form so that there is a backup, if your presentation is not present with the IT staff

2-Technical Requirements for Presentations

The conference computers will run MS PowerPoint (2003 on ward). All presentation must be prepared accordingly.

Movies and video files

If your presentation contains links to video files, it is essential that you bring not only your PowerPoint file, but also your video files to the Speaker Centre. Most video files types (e.g. MP4, MPEG, .wmv, .AVI, Realvideo, Quicktime, Flash, etc.) are accepted. All videos linked to PowerPoint slides must be tested and checked in advance in the Speaker Centre to be sure they will work properly.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure in Presentations

Authors/presenters are responsible for disclosing all potential or actual conflicts of interest due to financial, professional or personal relationships that might be perceived to cause bias. To this effect, please include a slide at the beginning of your presentation containing a brief summary of your conflict(s) of interest.

Session Recording

Presentations in session rooms may be recorded. However, for confidential purpose, it will not be disclosed without the consent of presenters. The presentation may get open on the mobile app of the conference but it would not be downloaded

Session Room Equipment

Multi-media support including Laptop, Pointer and Mic will be provided to presenters.


For any IT related activities queries …Please contact

  1. Mr. Zohaib
  2. Mr. Adnan Jamil
  3. Mr. Nadeem Chaudhry
  4. Mr. Waqar


  1. Mr. Faisal Amin (Director IT , University of Health Sciences Lahore )


3-Guidelines for Oral Abstract Session Presenters

The oral abstract sessions consists of presentation (power point).

The presentation time will be informed to Invited Speakers and Faculty Members via schedule.

For Postgraduate Students (Oral Presentation Competition), the presentation time is 7 minutes and 3 minutes for Q& A (10min including Q&A).

Please prepare your presentation/slides according to this time frame.



  • Arrive at the session room at least 15 minutes before the start of the session;
  • Check the room where the session will be held and familiarize yourself with the space and equipment;
  • Check for lap top, mic , pointer, certificates, shields etc
  • A presentation timer will be available in the room. The presenter is responsible for delivering the presentation within the specified time.
  • The session secretary has right to stop the speakers if they run over their time.


4-Guidelines for Poster Presenters

Poster Size: The poster size should be A0 (vertical dimension) with width and height.


841 x 1189 mm

33.1 x 46.8 in



2.75 x4 feet



  • Take guidance from your session organizers and session moderators and coordinators and mount the poster at designated place on 4th October
  • The poster will remain on display on 4-5 October from 9:00 – 17:00.
  • Please make sure to bring THUMB PINS for the poster boards. No stick on tape is allowed.
  • Only the presenting author will explain his/her poster in 3-5 min including Q&A.
  • However, all Authors will stand by their posters to answer questions and provide further information on their study results.


5-Guidelines for Session Moderators

Before Session


  • Contact the scientific chair of the session before hand
  • Contact the Scientific Committee Member for any questions you might have about the session topic or structure;
  • Familiarize yourself with the presentation topic(s) or abstracts before the session;
  • Make contact with the speakers prior to the session. Please review their presentation and speaking notes beforehand so that you have an idea of what they will present. Prepare questions that will stimulate audience participation and interaction during the moderated discussion, if applicable.

During the Session

  • Ask the Chair to open the session and introduce the speakers;
  • Manage the timing during the session and stop the speakers if they run over their time. A presentation timer will be available in the room;
  • Facilitate dialogue and promote respectful and productive interaction;
  • Take attendance of the participants
  • Manage audience contributions, questions and answers during the moderated discussion. As a session coordinators your own speaking time is limited. Please make sure you give space to presenters and audience;
  • Encourage forward thinking: link points made by speakers or other contributors; bring in different perspectives; manage conflicting viewpoints; note where there is agreement, common ground or disagreement; sum up key ideas and proposals for action and next steps;
  • At the end of Session, please invite Session Chair and distribute certificates to all presenters.
  • Give shield to speakers in main hall and only 01 shield for one speaker
  • Please thank speakers and delegates at the end of the session; ,
  • Please come along with logistics such as technical staff/ man power, who can assist you during your session, such as It related issues
  • Organise with your colleagues, lights ON/OFF, handing over mics for Q&A, noise control, if there is any IT issue, coordination with IT support. 
  • Please print out your session. Please find the updated program
  • We have to arrange all these talks in limited time frame. Please stick to that
  • In case, if any presenter comes late and give their presentation at last moment, please call next presenter and shift their presentation at the end of session. 
  • Those who are opening the session, they have to invite session chairs and say few opening remarks and general announcements e.g. prayer Breaks/ tea/ Lunch etc.
  • Oral Presentations
  • Poster Presentations
  • Dental Art Competition
  • Table Clinics Competition