Prof. Sadullah üçtaşlı



BDS (Ankara) PhD(UK),                             

Head & Prof. of Prosthodontics, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Ankara, Turkey                                                                                                                                                          

Prof. Sadullah üçtaşlı is graduated from University of Ankara, Faculty of dentistry in 1985. He obtain PhD Degree tiltle"Some Mechanical Properties of Resin-BAsed Dental Materials" at University of Barmingham, School of Dentistry UK in 1992. He achieved Assoc. Professor ship & Full Professor Ship in 1995 and 2000 at University of Ankara, Faculty of Dentistry, Departemtn of Prosthodontics resprectively. He has also been the deen of Dental faculty at suleyman demirel University, Isparta from 2000-2004. He has been to Newyork University (USA), Toronto University (Canada) Tokyo University (Japan), and several times to TURKU University (Finland), and TCBC- TURKU-Finland as a visiting researcher. Currently he is working as a full time prof. as  Faculty of Dentistry, University of Ankara, Turkey and as Head  of Prosthodontics. He has Published 51 national and 26 internation Journals. He has Presented 254 Oral and / or Posters Presentation at national and / or international Dental Conferences. He has been invited as an invited speaker at 55 diffrent national  and/ or International Dental Conferences